Award Recipients


Deadline to Submit is May 2

The Young Title Person Award honors hardworking, young people under the age of 35 working in the title industry.

Do you know someone under 35 who excels in the industry? Nominate them for Young Title Person!

We're now accepting nominations through 5:00 PM on Monday, May 2, 2016.
Interviews will take place at MLTA’s mid-year convention at Old  Kinderhook in Camdenton, Missouri. Nominees will be notified of time and location of interviews by the committee as the date approaches.
Distinguished Service Awards
Duard Boone                    Wm. H. Cohrs, Jr.
Betty Quisenberry            Sam C. Sherwood, Jr.
J.E. Barnes, Jr.                 Cara L. Detring
Frances Morris                 James D. Hensley
Hugh B. Robinson

Honorary Members

Jack Flippo                        George G. Smith
Elizabeth Linker                 Lester & Evelyn Smith
Robert Lorenz                    Milt & Phyllis Schnebelen
Robert D. Lutz                   William J. Meier
Borden & Shirley Stoll        Art Reppart
Hosea J. Taylor                  Jack Rodgers
Keith Tolliver                     John Wallace
Don & Linda Ferguson

50 Year Service Awards

Bob Johnson                       Duard Boone
Bill Boyd                             Josephine Fisher
John Wallace                       Dorothy Smiley
John M. McIlroy, Sr.             Marjorie Branch
Buz Holden                         William P. Foley
William J. Meier                   Margaret Keister
Loren N. Mills, Jr.                John Dozier
Frances Morris                    James R. Drake
John Wheeler
Title Person of the Year*
1990 Thomas Kurzenberger, Sr.         1997 Donna Hayes
1991 Cara L. Detring                         1998 Craig Schnebelen
1992 Pamela S. Hart                         1999 Stephen C. Babbit
1993 Steven V. Lewis                        2000 Karan Ashlock
1994 Robert D. Lutz                          2001 William Z. Johnson
1995 Robert G. Meckfessel                2002 Jim Hensley
1996 Stephen M. Todd
*The Title Person of the Year Award was renamed in 2003 in honor of Jack Flippo.
Jack Flippo Title Person of the Year
2003 Jack Flippo                           2010 Lois A. Bailey
2004 Ken Ashlock                         2011 Wendy R. Cromer
2005 Nicole Hoff                           2013 Mary Jo Edmiston
2006 Donnia M. Mayfield               2014 Barb Wagner
2007 Chris Elliott                          2015  Cheryl Cowherd
2009 Burton (Buzz) Shepard          2016  Stacy Burton
                                                   2017  Candi Slobodnik

Young Title Person of the Year 

1980 David E. Coffelt                        1997 Tanya Quigg Robinson
1981 Mike McCalley                          1998 William "Bert" Hughes, Jr.
1982 Kimberly D. Carter                   1999  Lois Bailey                                            
1983 Carolyn Wilson Rutter               2000 Kim Andrews    
1984 Pamela S. Hart                         2001 Nicole Hoff                               
1985 Karen R. Brown                        2002 Patricia Heafley           
1986 Jerry Tabb                               2003 Joni Sanders Good        
1987 Linda Butcher Doerge               2004 Drew Lewis                                          
1988 Vicky L. Huesmann                   2005 Nancy Phillips                           
1989 Pamela J. Williams                   2006  Melissa Williams                                 
1990 Jeffrey L.  Reese                      2007  Karen Wiedenmann                             
1991 Theresa M. Stice                      2008  Thad Ortman                           
1992 Rosemary Patricia Gentry         2009  Matthew W. Thomas                                       
1993 Ted Riechman                          2011  Nick Curtis                    
1994 Nathaniel S. Walsh                   2012  Ashley Matejek
1995 Michael A. Holden                    2013  Candi Chadwick & Laura Hardy
1996 Rena Schlueter                        2014  Sarah Eagon & Michael Roush
                                                      2015  Heidi Thorne & Dustin Streicher
                                                      2016  Michele Lawrence & Grant Zehner
                                                      2017  Korbyn Paden & Zac Hinze


Young Title Professional of the Year

1996  Wendy Warden Cromer                      
1997  Tracey G. Sutton
1998  Jodi Stottlemyre
1999  Garrett Schwartz
2000  Thomas C. Kurzenberger, Jr.
2001  Todd Lewis
2002  Mandy L. Wooldridge
2003  Kerri Stoecklein Kempker & Julia Boyd Uhls
2004  Sativa Boatman
2005  Elizabeth Summers
2006  Jody Stahl
2007  Chad E. Uhls
2008  Tara Horn
2009  David A. Townsend
2011  Cynthia Beckmeyer
2012  Katie Tegerdine


MLTA Annual Scholarship Award

2012 Mary Pierce
2013 Savannah Hoff
2014 Bailey King & Jacob Chiarelli
2015 Audrey Marlay, Brandi Peasel & Jessica Black
2016 Nathan Piccoli, Abby Pierce, Sophia Leonard
         Reagan Williams & Cassie Edmiston
2017  Jake Chiarelli, Nathan Piccoli & Jessica Black