Purpose:  The Missouri Land Title Association (MLTA) has established this award to provide financial assistance to deserving students enrolled in a two or four-year academic program based on eligibility requirements as set out below.

Awards:  The Missouri Land Title Association plans to award scholarships to part-time and full-time students, based on a comprehensive process.  Areas of review by the committee include but are not limited to the following:  Accomplishments (academic and/or career), Community Service, References, and a Personal Essay.  The number of scholarships available will be determined by the committee. 

Eligibility:  To apply and be considered for one of these awards, the applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Must be from an active class of members of MLTA or the spouse, child, step-child or grandchild from an active class of members.  (Affiliate, Special Award or Retired Members and their families are not eligible)
  2. Must be accepted as a either a full-time or part- time student (minimum of 6 credit hours per semester while currently employed for at least 30 hours per week) at a college or university, for the upcoming academic semester and proof will be required.
  3. Must submit the completed application form with necessary attachments timely.  The deadline for submitting applications is May 1, 2019 (no exceptions)                               
  4. Finalists will be required to fulfill a phone interview with members of the MLTA Scholarship Committee

Applications should be completed on line and submitted to:  mlta@mlta.com 

Letters of Reference may be attached to the application when submitted or mailed directly to: 

Missouri Land Title Association
P.O. Box 620
Bonne Terre, MO  63628 

Note:  If you do not have the ability to complete and submit the application electronically, please contact MLTA. 

For questions, you may call Pam Hart, Executive Director, Missouri Land Title Association at 573-760-3264 or email Pam at mlta@mlta.com



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